Introducing GEM2™ Box

…our second generation INGENII box, designed to protect your indoor mini-split components after rough-in.

The GEN2™ Box includes numerous enhancements over our first­ generation product, which has been installed thousands of times in homes and businesses in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Our GEN2™ Box is designed to fit within standard 16″ stud wall framing.
  • The GEN2™ Box can be mounted on both interior and exterior walls.
  • Installation is very simple: 4 screws secure the box to the framing, 4 screws secure the cover to the box.


  • After cover is installed, your rough-in components are protected inside the box.
  • Made with ABS plastic and a robust design, the GEN2™ Box is able to safely and securely, protect your mini­ split components against trade damage and adverse construction conditions.


  • Flexible design allows the GEN2™ Box to work with various mini-split brands, sizes and piping configurations.
  • Multiple ancillary devices can easily be placed inside the GEN2™ Box.


Made of robust ABS plastic utilizing the injection molding process, the GEN2′” Box is 2.5 mm thick, making the GENT” Box 150% thicker than the competing product. Other products on the market utilize a molding process similar to what is used to create plastic water bottles.


lngenii intentionally designed the GENT” Box to be a host for your desired components-not to be an open or active part of the condensate drain system. While we don’t claim our box to be waterproof, we do provide plenty of room to install all the required components to properly drain the evaporator.


The GENT” Box allows for consistent installations. It provides a single location for linesets, the drain line and power supply to be safely located during the construction process. The GEN2′” Box can greatly reduce air leakage, helping to reduce the overall ACH (air changes per hour) and improve the BDT (blower door test) score. This is important for certified green projects, as well as general IAQ (indoor air quality). GENT” is currently under review for NGBS Green Certification.


Works with metal or wood studs at 16″ centers. Can be used in limited height situations, and center or left offset minisplit head installations simply by flipping the cover over to match the desired layout of the evaporator.


By utilizing injection molding, the GENT” Box is designed to allow installers to choose the optimal locations for the refrigeration piping, drain line, power supply and other desired connections. The lack of pre-punched locations is an intended design feature, giving the freedom of routing design to the installer. Other products have specific raised areas that limit the routing design and reduce the options for installation. The raised areas are not actual pre-punched locations, and due to the minimal enclosure thickness can be cut open with a knife.


The GENT” Box is 66% larger that than the competition, with 500 cubic inches of interior volume to situate your components.


The GENT” Box is sized and designed to allow for future needs. As smart home and BMS controls evolve and change, there is space for those devices to be installed within the GENT” Box. Builders are beginning to recognize that standardized home/building automation is in demand, GEN2′” Box creates a location to house the products to future proof your heating and cooling systems.


The GEN2′” Box is the only rough-in enclosure on the market that is under testing for compliance with UL60335-240 as a recognized HVAC listed component. In addition, the GENT” Box is under review to receive ETL and CSA recognition.